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About DAW Business Innovation Training

DAW is committed to providing startups with high-quality resources to help them grow into successful businesses. Do you have a great idea and don’t know how to move from an idea to a product? Or perhaps you are in need of investors, networking opportunities but you are not sure where to start? Well, it all starts and sometimes ends with your business pitch.

Which is why DAW has designed a 6-week program to help startups learn how to sell their business. Not only will we teach you how to pitch, we will also provide you with opportunities to put what you have learned into practice at our Annual DAW Conference -Pitch Challenge.

What is the training program

and how does it work?

As part of our commitment to the development of female tech entrepreneurs, DAW offers Innovation training and various workshops throughout the year. This provides an opportunity for Africa focused entrepreneurs to develop their business and acquire the right investment. As our platform also allows the development of startup pitching skills;  this ensures that our graduates are able to present their business to potential investors upon completion of the program.

Online training applications open yearly and close 2 weeks before training begins. This training is delivered via Citrix, GoToMeeting and Webx, with additional course materials provided on slack for all who apply. 10 days will be dedicated for face to face sessions which will be opened to only to selected applicants from the online training.

We will select top high potential businesses and ideas by the end of the training. These startups will have the opportunity to pitch to our pool of investors during the DAWConference.

Our training will be delivered by both business and tech experts. Led by certified DAW experts, MIT Master Trainers, successful entrepreneurs and investors.

We provide targeted training in the following areas:

  • Technology focused business development
  • Digital communication and branding
  • Product valuation
  • Design thinking/Lean start-up
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Intercultural Metrics and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DAW Pitch Challenge?

Every year DAW hosts the annual 6 weeks training which ends in a DAW Conference and pitch challenge. Additionally, we acquire several high-profile experts, keynote speakers and sponsors, to provide valuable business information and networking opportunities for participants.

The DAW pitch challenge will take place during this conference. Our team at DAW believes preparation is key to success. For this reason, our signature 6-week online training program was designed as a prerequisite to the final Pitch Challenge at our conference. Click here to view the 6-week syllabus. We have also secured some incredible prizes but more on that later.

Where do I sign up for the DAW Training & what does it cost?

Applications will be available of the DAW website. We accept applicants from all over. Our next training will be held in Nigeria! All required travel expenses are the responsibility of each individual team. We are able to provide visa and application support where needed!

Who is qualified?

  • Teams must apply with an innovative early-stage idea in any industry space
  • One application per team. Business must be covering Africa
  • Teams cannot have participated in any accelerator programs
  • Teams must not have received any investments or experienced significant traction.

Although our online training is open to all startups internationally, Annual conference pitch priority will be given to all teams that are led by an African Woman.

Even if you only have an idea we encourage you to APPLY for training!

Applications for the 2019 DAW Pitch Training program opens on February 15th. Register for our Newsletter to stay up to date.