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Digital African Woman (DAW)

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Digital African Woman (DAW)

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The Digital African Woman (DAW) is an initiative designed under Digital Global Woman — our program is dedicated to supporting, educating and inspiring women across Africa and Diaspora into fields of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to build an ecosystem that is powered by innovation and technology, business networking, specialized skills training and investment; with young promising female leaders at the forefront.

We bridge the gap between investors, corporations and these promising tech startups, by:

  1. Providing access to funding, specialized training, and acceleration.
  2. Providing an ecosystem supported by our top network partners.
  3. Providing world-class training on ideation, product and team development, value propositioning and design thinking through our top trainers and developers.
  4. Providing personalized development opportunities to our selected teams of excellent entrepreneurs globally through a 6 week startup boot camp and pitch challenge.
  5. We also provide ongoing business development training including access to mobile technologies and enterprise technology through our EAMI Global mentorship platform & tech sponsor networks.


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More About DAW Conference

The DAW Annual Conference is a program designed to address issues ranging from tech careers, entrepreneurship, team building, self-esteem, and gender equality. It is an opportunity for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to learn, engage and develop their entrepreneurship skills with immersive training while maximizing the power and use of technology. We bridge the gap between investors, corporations, and promising tech startups;  by providing access to funding, specialized training and networking opportunities.

Is this a conference for African women only?

No, No and No! Everyone is welcome. Yes! We celebrate the knowledge of African women. But we are here to develop and support all women and men. We welcome you to challenge your fears at the #DAWConference . Meet inspiring entrepreneurs, learn new things, inspire and be inspired male or female.

 What about the Pitch Challenge? What Is It? 

The DAW pitch challenge is an opportunity for selected female-led tech startups to pitch their business to high-level investors and gain visibility and feedback during our conference.

If you are a female-led team with a business idea requiring technical skills, you qualify!

Meet Our Award-winning Startups



The simpler, safer way to authenticate artworks, luxury goods and collectibles and verify their provenance.


ozenticItaly-based natural hair company, providing Europe with products that cater to natural kinky curly hair of all types.



The new Belgian brand which designs chic business bags for modern and active women.

DAW is coming to NIGERIA!

Calling all African Start-Ups!

Want an opportunity to pitch your business in front of potential investors? Stay tuned early registration coming soon.

Don’t know how to pitch? We will show you how!

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