Our Mission and Objectives

About Us

Digital African Woman is

social enterprise dedicated to the innovation and support for female-led tech businesses across Africa and the Diaspora; through active training in digital skill development and business ideation.
The Digital African Woman provides our best Master trainers to help startups develop their product and identify investors. We provide the opportunities for these women-led businesses to move from pitching their ideas to pitching a product.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an

international tech entrepreneurship

support ecosystem

where women can teach, learn, network and empower each other, while actively owning their possibilities and achievements in various communities. We achieve this through our signature 6 weeks entrepreneurship training and conference.

(#DAWTraining) is designed to run yearly in different countries across Africa and Europe, providing skills and access to networks through strategic partnerships. We focus on developing female scientist and entrepreneurs especially tech-oriented startups,

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but our training and conferences are open to both women and men of all professions as the outcome can benefit all situations.

Because at DAW we strongly believe the industrialization of the African continent lies directly in the hands of the next generation of women entrepreneurs. We ensure accurate preparation in our program by choosing 3 key developmental categories of focus for participation: Health Technology, Agricultural Technology, and Renewable Energy.

Our Objectives

As a part of the Digital African Woman initiative, our two main objectives are:

first to inspire, encourage, and support young girls to explore careers in one of the many tech industries. Second, to ensure proper education and support for women to drive change within their respective communities.
We do this by providing scholarships and up-to-date training; as well as getting them connected to the right mentors.