Introducing the #SheIsDAW Community Award

DAW  is excited to introduce the #SheIsDAW campaign. This year we received over 200 applicants to join the DAW Business Innovation Program; 67 were selected to participate in the 6-week program. However, we were completely inspired by the magnitude of the entrepreneurial spirit in Kaduna and its surrounding states, we decided it was important to highlight a woman in the community who emulates the DAW core values. So, for the first time ever, DAW is launching the #SheIsDAW Community Award! What is particularly special is this award is given to a candidate who is nominated by you (the community) and endorsed (voted) by you! This person will be invited to our Annual ball on 28th July 2018, where they will present their project and receive their award.

What are the #SheIsDAW Core values?

Digital African Woman – DAW – as represented by the Lotus flower describes one who has overcome tough conditions and yet manages to create solutions that solve real problems for her communities. She is one whose life also inspires others to create solutions, motivating men & women to strive for excellence in their fields of endeavor.

A Digital African Woman is one who uses technology to achieve her goals in the field of Agriculture, Education, Policy Making, Girl Education, and Entrepreneurship. She is one who supports, engages and empowers others to do more than she alone can do.

Nominate a Person/Project for the #SheIsDAW Community Award

Only complete submissions will be considered. Please review the qualifications before submissions.

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Who qualifies for the #SheIsDAW Community Award?

An individual (female) or a project that supports, engages or empowers women/girls in the local community. The local community, in this case, includes all States in Nigeria. 

Deadline: 25th July 2018

How to vote for a #SheIsDAW Community Award person/project?

Cast your vote:  like a #SheIsDAW post on our Instagram page @DigitalAfricanWoman

Deadline: 25th July 2018