Keynote Speakers

Founder & Executive Director of DAW

Founder & Executive Director of Mbadika USA

Secretary General at European Women's Lobby

Head of Startup Europe - European Commission

CEO of EBN (European Business & Innovation Centre Network)

Global Program Development

CO-Founder and Head of Communications at Afrobytes Paris

Expert in Strategic Communications and Political Marketing

MIT Master Trainer & Co-Founder of DLI

CEO at MACH Consulting- Founder of African Diaspora Network in Europe


Amb. AJ. Bramdeo (TBC)

Her Excellency Amb. Mirijam Blaak

Witness three high energy female led Start-ups that were selected from the DAW Training as they pitch their winning products.

1. Isidro Laso - "Technology Policy for Tech Start-ups Across Europe." 2. Marie Chantal Uwitonze from African Diaspora - "How ADNE can Help to Develop and Leverage DAW for E-growth." 3. Phillipe Develoder, IT and African Technology Development Coach at UCB - "How is UCB Working With African Entrepreneurs to Develop More Digital Solution to Health Care." 4. Amb. Mirijam Blaak as Head of Mission to Uganda - "What Is Next For African Women in Tech."

Annie Mutamba -Moderator

Participate and challenge yourself on your knowledge of successful African Female Leaders.

1. Rosario Robinson, Director of Community at Anita Bourg Institute - "More Than Global Woman in Computing." 2. Christelle Pandazyla, Founder and Editor in Chief of Just Follow Me Magazine - "Where are the Diaspora African Women in Tech?" 3. Rosanna Kurrer, MIT Master Trainer and Co-founder of DLI - " Where Does Tech Fit In Business For Women?" 4. Haweya Mohammad, Co-founder of Afrobytes Paris Accelerator - "Africa and Digital Wave of Technology." 5. Chantal Kamatari - "Banking Sector and Commitment to CSR: Driving developments for entrepreneurs." 6. Google Rep - TBD - "Venture Capital for Africa and Europe: Committing to Women in Tech."

What Is DAW?

The Digital African Woman (DAW) is an initiative designed under Digital Global Woman — a program dedicated to supporting, educating and inspiring African women into fields of Technology and Entrepreneurship across Africa and the Diaspora.

Our vision is to build an ecosystem that is powered by innovation and technology, business networking, specialized skills training and investment; with young promising female leaders at the forefront.

The DAW Annual Conference is a prime example of this ecosystem at work. Prior to the conference, select female-led startups undergo a free online business training taught by professionals in Business and IT. This program addresses issues ranging from tech careers,entrepreneurship, team building, self-esteem, and gender equality. It is an opportunity for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to learn, engage and develop their entrepreneurship skills with immersive training while maximizing the power and use of technology. We bridge the gap between investors, corporates and promising tech startups, by: providing access to funding, specialized training, and a connected fórum for networking.

Meet Our Selected Startups

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Is this a conference for African women only?

No, No and No! Everyone is welcome. Yes! We celebrate the knowledge of African women. But we are here to develop and support all women and men. We welcome you to challenge your fears at the #DAWConference in Brussels. Meet inspiring women, learn new things, inspire and be inspired male or female.

Where is the DAW hosted?

DAY 1 September 21  is hosted @ EGGSPLORE

DAY 2 September 22 will be held @ European Parliament, Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS – P5B001

Do I need to pay for both days if I will only attend one day?

No, just pay for one day (StartUp Training workshop) and we see you there. Note, our seats are very limited so if you have too much fun on day 1, it may be difficult to guarantee you a seat if you change your mind 😉

Who can attend the #DAWConference?

Everyone is welcome, and especially students. Tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs/ business women in tech. As long as you are interested in the ecosystem of business, technology and women development. This is the place to be! A bonus if you want to enter into the African or European market as we have experts waiting with all the information you need!

Where can I buy tickets and how much does it cost?

 I am a student and can’t afford to attend the DAW!

Well don’t worry, access to the conference on the 22nd is FREE FOR ALL! No reason for you to miss it!

 What about the Pitch Challenge? What Is It? Can I Participate?

The DAW pitch challenge is an opportunity for selected female-led tech startups to pitch their business to high-level investors and gain visibility and feedback during our conference on the 22nd.

If you are a female-led team with a business idea requiring technical skills, you qualify!

What do we get from the pitch challenge?

While the pitch training is already under away and no longer open to new startups, we have plenty of great startup prizes and kits to help your startup and scale up successfully. You will also gain visibility internationally covered by our media partners. Furthermore, you will have access to a complete network in Europe and Africa through connections such as the EBN, ABAN and Startup Europe Award which is supported by the European Commission. Finally, an opportunity to get your story on Forbes USA.

What happens after the pitch challenge?

We are all excited, you get some goodies. Join the final phase of Startup Europe Awards and get followed like the celebrity you are by our media partners. Did we mention continuous mentoring and endless networking opportunities from our amazing global networks.

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  • 9:00 - 19:00