About Digital African Woman

The Digital African Woman (DAW) is initiative created under Digital Global Woman; its two main objectives are: first to inspire, encourage and support young girls to explore careers in one of the many tech industries. Second is to support female-led startups from the African Diaspora and the African Continent. We do this by providing relevant and up-to-date tech training; as well as getting their businesses to the right investors and mentors.

As a part of the Digital African Woman initiative, we offer the DAW Conference Scholarship, which female high school seniors or those pursuing higher education in tech fields, can attend our Annual DAW Conference at no expenses. The DAW Annual Conference is an opportunity for these young women to find mentors, meet experts in their field and gain some working knowledge of each industry. To Learn more about the conference click here.

In terms of our second objective encourage female-led start-ups to participate no matter what phase of their business they are in. We center our program around women in and out of the African diaspora already in the tech industries — either they have aspirations to apply their skills to improving their communities or are in the process of realizing those aspirations. At DAW we, aware that many in the tech industries have valuable skills but may be lacking in the business know how. With free workshops like pitch training, we hope to arm startups with these missing skills. Additionally, as part of our Annual  DAW Conference, we offer additional tech & business workshops for female-led startups. Furthermore, our participants are granted networking opportunities, and chance to pitch their business to possible investors.  DAW is committed to finding innovative ways to help educate, support and inspire african women.

The DAW Squad

Khadijat Abdulkadir

Founder & Executive Director

Khadijat Abdulkadir, is a current Master of Business Engineering student at Solvay Brussels school of Economics and Management. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology and an Associate’s degree in Political Science. A certified SAP-SD/MM and ABAP programmer with experiences that includes companies such as Aramark, Accenture and Microsoft. She has held several positions including, IT program manager, Business Analyst and Sustainability Coordinator. Khadijat is passionate about empowering young women with the technology skills and tools necessary to be fully active innovators and entrepreneurs in the 21st century. She focuses her projects on Technology, Women and especially Sub-Sahara Africa and the Diaspora.

    Anne-Sophie Aberi-Moska

    Program Manager

    Anne-Sophie Aberi-Moska holds a Civil Engineering Master in Biomedical Science. After studying all job opportunities offered to her, she found herself in IT. Choosing to start an exciting career as an IT Consultant, has led her to now work as an IT Project Manager, also acting as an Infrastructure Solution Architect. She’s been trained in coaching and counselling, and she is very devoted to potential development, driven by the ambition to help and see each individual writing their own success story. She believes in the revival of Africa, with a focus on the youth. Through DAW, Anne-Sophie really believes that outstanding African Woman potential will be revealed.

      Claudia Chileshe

      Creative Director

      Zambia born, Claudia Chileshe attended Utah Valley University where she studied Digital Media with an emphasis is Internet Technologies. She is passionate about Web Design and Internet Marketing, which was sparked by pure curiosity. As a digital media professional Claudia’s career background includes: Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Front-end development and E-commerce Management. She is also currently Google Adwords Certified and is in the process of obtaining her analytics certification. Claudia is constantly looking for opportunities to help small businesses excel on a digital platform. Being a part of DAW allows her to fulfill a dream of using her skills to support African women by helping them compete on a level playing field. She hopes to inspire young African girls to seek careers in the technology industry.